Endorsements and Comments

“In my experience as an internal auditor for Collin County, I audited the District Clerk’s office on several occasions since Lynne Finley was elected. The results of each audit were that the office was in full compliance with all policies and statutes tested.” Scott Grigg, Collin County Internal Auditor.

Florence Shapiro – Former State Senator

Former Judge John Payton

Tom Wilder – Tarrant County District Clerk 

Former State Representative Jerry Madden

Former Congressman Joe Barton

Ravi K. Jain – Past President of Collin County Men’s Club

Kay Baird 

George Parker 

Former Judge Scott Becker 

Maria Tu – Plano Deputy Mayor Pro Tem

Chris and David Downs

Lori Loftin 

Jake Barfield 

Dr. Rick Barfield 

James Mosser 

Tim Soefje

Jack and Janice Renfro 

Sydney Renfro 

Mary and Stewart Nolan

Carolyn and Bill Harrell 

William Harrell 

Susan Harrell 

Alisha Smith 

Joanna Kriss

Diane and Alan Johnson

Jennifer and Steve Bass 

Dixie Clem 

Jody Rushton

Sally and Steve Terrell

Joa Muns

Alan and Diane Johnson 

Rachel Li

George Parker 

Patriot Texans